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Hogmanay Relaxation with Herbs & Massage

In the run-up to Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve for those of you outside Scotland) massage can relax, relieve tension and aid sleep. In the evening, a facial massage is straightforward to incorporate into your routine using oil or moisturiser, it will leave you revitalised and ready for the end of year celebrations.

FACIAL MASSAGE: Place your thumbs on either side of the bridge of your nose and take some slow, deep breaths, pressing gently on the out breath. Then make circular movements with the tips of your fingers around the brown bone and along to the temples, repeating as many times as you like. For sinus problems, work gently but firmly over the sinuses, with small circular strokes, following your breathing.

HAND MASSAGE: Press into your palm with the thumb of the other hand, then pull gently on the fingers one by one. Press gently down the back of the hand between the fingers to stimulate the circulation. Make small circular strokes around the joints and work gently on the wrists, especially if there has been any swelling or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

ACUPRESSURE: HT (Heart Protector) 8 will calm and ease anxiety, this is useful if you’re feeling disoriented or anxious. Find the point by bringing the little finger down to the palm. HT8 is just between the bones where the tip of the little finger meets the palm.

Teas to Relax and Improve Energy

Chamomile; Lemon Balm; Catmint; Skullcap and Limeflower – relaxing herbal teas which taste good and can be used in most situations, including during pregnancy. If you drink teas at night to help you sleep, the extra liquid can make it more likely that you’ll wake up during the night to go to the toilet. In some cases a prescribed tincture or tablets may be more appropriate.

For more help with low energy levels, particularly if your situation is complex and/or you have a long term complaint, get in touch for a full herbal consultation in Glasgow, or find your local NIMH herbalist.