Foraging Recipes

I post mainly seasonal recipes and some – such as Wild Foraged Kimchi – can be made anytime

Spring Herbs: Nettle Pesto; Spring Greens; Nettle Soup

Elderflower Champagne    Elderflower Cordial & Turkish Delight

Autumn Recipes:  Fruit Vinegar   Hedgerow Jelly   Rosehip Syrup    Dandelion Coffee

Winter Remedies: 4 Thieves’ Vinegar; Pungent Throat Syrup – use anytime kitchen herbs

To find out more about using plants as food and medicine, have a look around this blog, join me for a forage or contact me for a herbal consultation or call 07812 162 155.


Plants as Food and Medicine

The distinction between food and medicine may be a relatively recent idea, many of us think of sustaining broths, healthy salads and therapeutic chocolate. Pre-historic sites on the Orkney Isles show that early people processed and used plants – with speculation as to whether they were used as food, medicine or potentially both. We can learn a lot about improving our own wellbeing by being more aware of the plants we eat and their relationship with our bodies and our health. As a forager, I make particular use of locally available plants to make medicines and food, whilst aiding others to find and use their own plant food and medicines.

Many of the plants we use in Western Herbal Medicine have grown in the UK since the last Ice Age, others are more recent arrivals from the rest of Europe and further afield and we now have access to a massive array of globally available plants. As a Medical Herbalist, I treat patients with a wide range of plants, selecting those which are most appropriate to the person and their condition, whilst also considering any concerns about potential adverse effects, both on the person and in the harvesting of the plants.


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