Price List / Gift Vouchers

Herbal Medicine

Simple Ailments Clinic          £10                           (approximately £20 including first prescription)

A 15 minute consultation to access remedies for immune support, digestion, stress, insomnia

Full Consultation                     £35                          (approximately £45 including first prescription)

A 1 hour consultation to fully explore using plant medicine to enhance your health – follow up appointments cost £20


Therapeutic Massage               £40  for 1 hour

Relax, revitalise and manage aches and pains, I use a range of techniques, including Deep Tissue; Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy

Pregnancy Massage                  £50 for 90 minutes

Therapeutic massage designed for every stage of pregnancy. Each session is individually tailored and may include massage on a futon for maximum comfort. You will also receive aftercare advice on exercises, sleep positions and any relevant herbal remedies.

If you live outside the West of Scotland, you can find a Pregnancy Massage therapist near you via wellmother


Start at £10 for Introductory Workshops – get in touch for details of 2015 workshops


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