Spicy Thai & Hazelnut Heaven

My first Foodie Penpals – a winning combination of letter writing, finding food and eating food. This month, I sent a package to my Foodie penpal in Nottingham (hello Charlotte http://charlotterigby.blogspot.co.uk) and received a package from Becky in Swansea  http://munchiesandmunchkins.wordpress.com. There is nothing quite as wonderful as receiving a brown paper package – despite Becky apologising in her letter about the box inside – I thought sending a foodie package in a baby bottle box was great recycling.

Anyway, on to the contents, via the Foodie Penpal psychic link / umami ether / whatever it is, Becky seemed to know that sweet, spicy and alcoholic were all going to go down incredibly well, along with some grown up munchie food, mmmm. On the sweet side I had not one, but two forms of chocolate – a melting Choc-o-Lait stick for home made hot chocolate and some ordinary looking milk chocolate with a picture of a daisy on it. Now, this chocolate is from Lidl, who are unsung quality chocolatiers and the unprepossessing wrapper turned out to contain utterly amazing chocolate. Having checked the packet, I’m pretty sure this was due to the secret ingredient of hazelnut paste, mmmm, hazelnut paste – good old Lidl – hidden praline. Crossing the sweet-spicy divide was a ginger and orange spread for breakfast, then on to some chilli jelly for lunch as a great sandwich spread with a strong Appenzeller cheese.

Truly spicy was in the form of tasty ginger bits and some glorious Kingfisher red Thai paste which I have been cooking with all week. If you’re a foodie purist and apprehensive about pastes rather than your own handcrafted blends, Kingfisher have found the jar of joy. In the interests of science – rather than, say, laziness – I didn’t add anything to the vegetables pictured above except the paste and coconut milk it was the perfect blend of spice and flavour.

Now on to the alcohol – Welsh Penderyn single malt whisky. As an Irish woman living in Scotland, who used to work in a bar whose name was the Gaelic for whisky, I hadn’t even heard of Welsh whisky. Foolishly, I’m saving it for a special occassion, which is partly because the bottle is so cute – maybe I’ll use working the bank holiday weekend as an excuse… The final part of the package was  lovely munchy food, a big jar of dried olives – eat from the jar or be bothered to cook with them (jar then) and a bag of popcorn, wahey – I never remember to make popcorn and it tastes fantastic. The final, final part of the package was recipe cards which I’ve been poring over and hope to make use of very, very soon. Did I mention that I’m evangelical about this whole process – join now.

See you next month


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  1. I’m really happy that you liked the parcel! I also love the chocolate so I’m glad you did too. The popcorn is from Zaramama .. http://www.zaramama.com/ and it’s sooo good. Anyway enjoy the rest of your goodies. X


  2. […] A few months ago I read about the amazing foodie penpals run by @thisisrocksalt in the UK and @leangrnbeanblog in America. It’s a simple enough concept you join up and then each month you are given a name of a foodie penpal to whom you send a parcel, you then receive a parcel from another penpal. So a parcel each month of surprising, new foods to taste.. whilst having a good excuse for shopping for delectable foodie items sounded too good to be true! I had lots of fun making up my parcel for the very sweet Catriona in Glasgow who loved it (thankfully) and has written a lovely blog post about it which you can read here: https://whitecatherblog.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/spicy-thai-hazelnut-heaven/ […]


  3. Reblogged this on munchiesandmunchkins and commented:
    Yay she liked it. 🙂


    • Thanks Becky – it was a fantastic package – my limited photos and rambling don’t really do it justice. I am a total convert and really excited about next month’s match ups.


  4. What a brilliant parcel! A really nice mix of things in there. I am a big fan of Lidl chocolate too, it’s definitely underrated. So glad you enjoyed the swap and roll on next month 🙂


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