Best Laid Plans

 Neilston Agricultural Show*

So, confessions time, due to starting out late and staying out late for a birthday last night, I singularly failed to get to the wonderful Neilston Agricultural Show this morning – leaving the Jock Tait Memorial Terrier Show unseen and missing my chance to sneak a peek at the Homecrafts, hopefully next year I’ll be a bit more organised and a bit less, well, late.

What I will most definitely be on time for is the Herb Foraging Walk as part of Go Neilston on Tuesday 22nd May from 6.30-8pm. In fact, I hope to be at the Bank earlier that afternoon, so if you can’t make the walk itself, do come and find me over a cuppa and some cake.


* Photos cheated from image searching, tut, tut, but how else was I going to get a serious sheep-dog surveying firemen with pomeranians…?




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